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Just announced: Die Stadtmusikanten feat. Isaiah Spencer and Brent Griffin will be playing at Fulton Street Collective in Chicago on June 6th. Event

“Mösching proves himself an excellent multi-instrumentalist[…] Ethereal Kinks is a unique reflection of Mösching’s complexity as both a performer and composer. “ Kyle Simpler, All About Jazz

“The more you listen the more Mösching’s energy, focus and brilliance emerge.” Michael Jackson, Contributor for Downbeat

“An unpretentious, poised player who writes pretty engaging originals” Jazzwise Magazine

“Samuel Mösching’s sound is so warm, his playing is so fluid and inventive” Jason Marck, WBEZ

“A Rather beautiful, at times mesmerizingly flirtatious  album (Ethereal Kinks)” Anne Carlini, Exclusive Magazine

All About Jazz Review about Ethereal Kinks

Ethereal Kinks is out on February 18th 2022. Get in on Bandcamp

Check out a recent interview with Cheryl K for the Jazz Disturbance about my upcoming album Ethereal Kinks (Release: February 18th, 2022)