New Album Ethereal Kinks on Bandcamp.

Check out my live video from the record release.

Listen to Reuben Gingrich’s “Blue Island

Check out my album “Some Other Tree” feat. Rusty Jones.

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More music on the Youtube Channel and Spotify

Awaken – Reuben Gingrich’s Blue Island

Ki Jana – Zeshan B & The Transistors

Ben Davis Trio w/ Steve Hunt at the Constellation, Chicago

Heart-Open – Live at Mahogany Hall, Switzerland – The New Samuel Mösching Trio

My Baby Blues – Samuel Mösching Group with Rusty Jones

Einsiedler – The New Samuel Mösching Trio

Playing the Blues with Brian Smith

Poinciana – The New Samuel Mösching Trio

Jimmy Bennington Colour And Sound Trio

With John Stowell

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